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BM2U Cryptocurrency
2 min readApr 22, 2021

About us: we are developing a DeFi exchange platform that tokens (represents) capital generator assets in real world, sharing the results in a decentralized model, based on cryptocurrency, in a rewarding system for its holders.

Decentralized platforms are already reality in cryptocurrencies. There are cross-chain, borrowing and lending, insurencing, exchanges and others. That’s already a big and incrible innovative.

But we have a pontetial problem to long-term: most of these concepts depends of the user’s speculation to keep valued. They are not self sustained because they don’t represent backed assets — just like the dollar was backed in gold and the inflation was really controlled.

Thinking about it, we have draw a model to permits to business to token themselves — tokens do not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights, intellectual property rights or any other form of participation relating to the Issuer. It’s not about security tokens: We will maintain all the gains from cryptocurrencies: anonymous, fast, self-governing and decentralized. The propose model don’t depends only the confidence: One environment where everyone has real benefits and interests to follow the established rules to make a innovative financial system.

It’s about the possibility to exposure to a market through a cash-generating asset. You can expose yourself to a cryptoasset, which does not generate constant cash flow and its value depends only on how much the next person will accept to pay for it. Or you can acquire an asset that brings the returns of that market, having intrinsic and undeniable value because it generates capital and income.

At the end of this reading, you can see it’s possible to have digital assets based on real business that can generate a passive income. Business will do that for get liquidity, a reserve capital in tokens, capital to grow fast and healthy, maintaining their autonomy.

All will happen throught a decentralized exchange that any business can propose its token and any holder of governance token can vote if the BTO (Business Token Offering) should go or not, based on data submited by business (e.g.: name, locality, articles of incorporation/association, business pitch, numbers (like clients quantity, clients growth rate, NPS, churn, CAC, LTV, margin, last year profit, initial investing, MRR or ARR etc), social networks, web site and other relevant informations). Governance token holder also can propose to change any rules.

This exchange platform will have the token BM2U as base currency — because all the BM2U holders get rewards in a USD stable coin based on BM Expert Financial business performance.

We are finishing the Phase 1: the BM2U offering will begin in May, First. All the token holders will get the rewards in a USD stable coin every quarter of year, since Sep/2021.

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